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MBO Folding Machines are constructed from the highest-grade parts, ensuring maximum output, reliability and efficiency at all times

Designed to be flexible for all users and variety of paper mediums, MBO Folding Machines guarantee high-performance and outstanding quality. With precision features that allow continuous work processing up to the finished product without interruption of the production process.

MBO Folding Machines are a great balance between cost and performance.

Efficiency and Convenience

MBO Folding Machines are built with the operator in mind. Simplifying the processes and workflows, with clearly arranged menus and user-friendly functions and working positions.

MBO T800 4/4/4

Folding Machines

MBO B 30 4/4/4

Folding Machines
The MBO B30 is renowned by Print Finishers world-wide for being a work-horse; simple to operate and never misses a beat

MBO B30 4/4/Z

Folding Machines


Folding Machines

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