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Muller Martini trimmers have a world-wide reputation for outstanding reliability, flexibility and durability.

Muller Martini rely on decades of specialised design to manufacture the finest post-production machines available.
With intelligently designed user controls, Muller Martini trimmers’ set-up options can be quickly configured in order to reduce downtimes and speed up turn arounds for all runs.

When Top Quality Output is a Must

Each used Muller Martini 3 knife trimmer in our range has been refurbished, tested and configured to ensure they produce the highest quality output with the maximum ease-of-use.

We have expert engineers that are able to install machines with the minimum of downtime. We also are proud to offer installations to our clients all over the world.

Please have a look at our available stock and enquire online.

Muller Martini 3670 Trimmer

The Muller Martini 3670 is an ideal in line trimming solution with Muller Martini Starbinder and Muller Martini Monostar perfect binders.

Muller Martini 3670 Trimmer


Muller Martini Zenith 'S' Three Knife Trimmer

Heavy Duty, High Speed Three Knife Trimmer

Müller Martini Frontero Face Cut Trimmer

Frontero works with the renowned swing cut principle against cutting sticks, thus ensuring the highest trim quality. The end product quality is furt...

Müller Martini Merit S


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