Müller Martini Bolero B8


Muller Martini Bolero B8, the most versatile and efficient machine in its range.


  • 18 x 3693 Feeders
  • 3614 Reject Gate
  • ASAC ( Automatic Signature Thickness Measueing System)
  • ASIR3 (Automatic Signature Image Recognition)
  • 21 Clamp Binding Unit
  • Milling & Spine Preparation Units
  • Hot Melt Spine Glue with Pre-Melter
  • Hot Melt Side Glue with Pre-Melter
  • Stream cover feeder
  • Nipping & Pressing Station
  • Nipping & Pressing Station#2
  • Laydown Delivery
  • Conveyor Belt - Designed to Suit your Factory
  • Muller Martini Merit S Three Knife Trimmer
  • Muller Martini CB16 Stacker

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