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Muller Martini Bravo

Muller Martini’s Bravo Saddle Stichers streamline your entire workflow.

The Bravo Saddle stitcher can handle a wide range of job sizes. This allows your operation to be even more versatile and of course, with the reliability of Muller Martini, you can be confident of delivering expert results.

Increased Productivity, Increased Profits

Reliving any chokepoints in your binding process, Muller Martini’s Bravo saddle stitcher is fitted with an easily understood control panel, which can be programmed to create makereadies with little fuss.

As well as the ability to make adjustments mid-run, the Bravo saddle stitcher minimises all downtime, allowing you to concentrate on finishing runs quickly and profitably.  

Changeover times are greatly reduced; with a quickly mounted 449 trimmer as well as an in-line cover feeder and sequential start-up.

Versatile Quality

With the function to operated 11,000 runs per hour, your company with be able to produce far more in much less time. Coupled with the flexibility the Bravo Saddle Stitcher offers; you can cater for a full portfolio of job sizes - from envelopes, small books to tabloids and even 3-up work. 

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