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MM Diamant 60

Muller Martini Diamant 60

The Diamant 60 Casing-in Line combines a high degree of automation and flexibility.

Advantages of the Diamant 60 line are:
   .  Ease of Operation
    . Short Changeover times
    . Maximum quality from the very first book
    . Numerous Quality Checks
    . High Output Levels

Running at 3,600 cycles per hour.

The Diamant 60 Casing-Inline comprises:

Core book line RHE622
Joint Forming & Pressing Machine EP680
Rounding / Backing
1st Gluing Station
2nd Gluing Station / Headbanding
Casing In
BT610 Infeed Conveyor
AES620 Preheating Device
WR630 Angle Roller Table
Automatic Agitator for Premelting Tanks
Automatic Glue Viscosity Control with Agitator
Double Cover Control
Glue Overflow Control
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