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Muller Martini Frontero Face-Cut Trimmer

Muller Martini Frontero Face-Cut Trimmer

Frontero Face-Cut Trimmer:

The Frontero dramatically reduces the finishing time when producing brochures with gate-folded covers.

The Frontero’s extensive format range ensures high flexibility, whether the job calls for A4 landscape or 60 mm thick catalogs.

Frontero works with the renowned swing cut principle against cutting sticks, thus ensuring the highest trim quality. The end product quality is further improved by aligning the face trim of the book blocks parallel to the cover edge – even during production.

Technical Specification

Mechanical Speed: 6,000 Cycles per hour

Widest product size range with book thickness up to 60mm and oblong formats up to A4, processing of 2 up products up to 460mm

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